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Welcome to Friesen Catering, the experts for events and event management
Zuri Friesen Barkultur GmbH is located in Cologne, a merger of professional event agencies with the purpose to turn your company’s event, trade fair event or party into an experience on the highest level.
Since 2003 we are offering to our satisfied customers an exceptional mobile service. Many well-known and global companies have already come to value our expertise in event management.
We offer a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive package of professional services for your event.
Alternatively, you can select the services according to your needs in the areas of food catering, drink catering, light- and sound, decoration and entertainment.
Unfortunately, nowadays the market is flooded with offers from cheap providers for cocktail events, with poor quality products and services. Friesen Catering is distinctly different!
We consider ourselves a premium provider, attracting customers who value high quality and the highly professional work ethic of our staff.
We arrive with all the necessary equipment and a competent staff that also looks the part. You can take care of your guests and feel confident, that the experts of Friesen Catering will ensure that your event will take place without a glitch.
Give your event an extravagant flair and let us treat you and your guests with superior cocktails and food. We only select highest quality spirits and the best and freshest ingredients. If you wish, we can even create special cocktails which can match your corporate colors.
Enjoy perfect event management with the highest quality at your next corporate event, your trade fair event or one of our legendary cocktail events!

Auf dem Bild ist das Catering Leistungsspektrum abgebildet.
Auf dem Bild ist das Catering Leistungsspektrum abgebildet.
Auf dem Bild ist das Catering Leistungsspektrum abgebildet.

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